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Alarm Systems

Definitive Entertainment offers Proper Guard home security and alarm systems to Arizona residents to protect you and your home from around the clock. Our security systems will keep you safe and secure when you're home, and protect your home when you're not. Definitive Entertainment's security specialists will customize a system that's right for your home and family that's reliable and easy to use.

Definitive Entertainment’s standard security system can be easily upgraded—adding motion detectors, additional door or window contacts, temperature monitors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire protection and more.

Definitive Entertainment can quickly wire smoke detectors directly into your system. Rest assured that if a fire occurs, a response to your home will be quick, keeping your family and pets safe and minimizing property damage. Definitive Entertainment should be your first stop for your home alarm.

Benefits of a Home Security System by Definitive Entertainment

24/7 Protection

Homes with security systems are three times less likely to be broken into.

Insurance Discounts

Most insurance carriers provide discounts on homeowner's insurance if you install an alarm system.


Custom and standard plans for both residential and commercial systems. Standard plans can be easily upgraded.

Proper Guard Security

Your home will be linked to Proper Guard's local central monitoring station 24 hours a day. That’s peace of mind.

Free Consultation

One of our technicians will visit the project location and assess the scope of work and products needed. We'll discuss the time frame and budget, and address any questions or concerns.